How To: Optical Art in 8 Easy Steps!

Hello, everyone! Ramsha here! I love pasta, The Weeknd, Shaun of the Dead and art! For over a month now, I have been drawing and painting non-stop because when I draw, it feels like a race to create something beautiful and when it’s finally done, I say to myself,”Do you see that? I freaking did that!” I also really love drawing because it’s a great stress-buster.

Here are a few of my drawings:

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(Since I’m not a professional yet, I cannot draw from memory. All the drawings above are inspired by other artists. All the credit goes to them.)

On this blog, I’m gonna regularly upload easy art tutorials (for those of us who cannot draw), book reviews, hilarious contemplation and some inspiration. So, if you like the sound of that, please follow this blog.

Note that I am not an artist or a professional in any way, and heck, when I chose Art in school, my teacher considered me a lost cause because I was slower than others and couldn’t meet her high standards. All the negativity from her as well as my ‘superior’ peers dissuaded me to draw for 4 years! FOUR FREAKING YEARS! But now, I’ll strive to improve my skills along with you guys. Remember that ANYONE CAN DRAW and SCREW WHAT OTHERS THINK. K? Now, let’s get on with the tutorial.

Step 1:

Find an optical art drawing you like. I like this one that I found on (Note: I have just taken inspiration from this piece and not made an identical drawing)download

Step 2:

Get your supplies ready. For this drawing, you will need:

  • A pencil, preferably a mechanical one
  • An eraser
  • A sketchbook
  • Tons of colour pencils. For this tutorial, I’ve used 20 double-sided pencils


Step 3: 

Start by drawing squiggly lines all over the paper. Use the inspiration in Step 1 as a guide. Make sure to use the pencil lightly because then it’ll be easier to erase.


Step 4:

Draw vertical stripes inside the squiggly lines but make them a little curved. This will give the effect of movement.


Step 5: 

Get out the colour pencils! Line the squiggle with black pencil and then choose two complimentary shades like the ones I’ve chosen in the picture below. One has to be a darker counterpart of the other and you can use colours having slight variations like pink and purple too.


Step 6:

Using the colour pencil of your choice, make short, quick strokes from the corners of the stripes to the middle. Also, leave a little space in the middle of each stripe. That’ll give the illusion of a highlight.


Step 7:

Use the lighter counterpart in the middle of the stripe using the same, short strokes technique. Since the lighter purple shade I chose was a little too similar to the darker one, I decided to use pink instead.


Step 8:

Shade the remaining stripes in the same way as mentioned in Steps 5,6 & 7. It’s best to use a contrasting colour than a complimentary one ’cause then the drawing looks more vibrant. But honestly, do whatever you wanna do! I ain’t yo Ma!


And if you follow these steps, you’re drawing will look something like this!

op1 better.gif

And there you have it! An easy and brilliant optical illusion!


So what do ya think? Did you like this tutorial? If you have recreated this drawing the let me know! Also, please LIKE, COMMENT & FOLLOW RamexaRocks!

See ya later alligator!